New Connectors

To all SA-VA 15, 35, 100 owners.   In my previous post I was polling about the retrofit connectors and which way I should build the kits.

Well forget all of that.  I decided that it was just too cumbersome and went another route all together.  Check out the pic below.  I decided to ditch the kit idea all together and went back to the drawing board and I am currently working on a connector that will directly fit the systems.

What you are seeing is the first prototypes from the 3d printer.


11 thoughts on “New Connectors”

  1. Wonderful news!!! I’ve been going to different companies to see if they could use my original cable to fabricate more cables. I keep getting the run around. No one has taken it on. What actual wiring will you use to connect the two speakers?

    1. The factory used a 24AWG Ribbon cable. I may use a ribbon cable, or just a discrete wire cable. It really depends on which style of electrical contacts I use.

  2. Looks like you are on the right track here. One end of my SA VA Cable Connector is broken.

    If you can provide a connector for it, I would be very much interested in the connector.. Keep me informed as I would like to purchase your product.

    Have any Idea when this will be avialable?

    Glynn Maddie, Alexandria LA

    1. I’m getting a few more printed trying to work out a few kinks. Right now I need to decide which style of electrical connector I’m going to use in the housing. If I go with something off the shelf that would cut production time down a lot. If I end up going with a custom stamping that could have quite a long lead time. As always I’ll keep everyone posted.

      1. Does the connector fit all the Models listed above, as I have the SA-VA 35. It is in really good condition, with remote etc. The connector cable ends just get brittle with age. Its much more powerful than those cheap sound bars, and they are fairly attractive.

        Again, keep up your good work, as I truly need this part. Please keep us informed, as to your progress..

        Glynn Maddie, Alexandria LA.

        1. The current connector will only fit a SAVA 10 and 15. The good news is the 35 and 100 units is the same connector. I just need to make it longer and add two more pins.

          1. Thanks for your response, as I do need the connector For SAVA 35. Any further progress???


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