3D Printer

Thanks to all of those who have been patiently waiting.

I got tired of waiting for time on my friends 3d printer so I just bought one.

Give me a few weeks to get this thing set up and some quality prints out of it and we will be in full production for the SAVA 10,15 and 35 cables.

5 thoughts on “3D Printer”

    1. I’m hoping to keep prices inline with the other cables I am selling.
      I still need to nail down the contacts that I will be using in the connector housings. I have some that I have designed the prototype around, but I am still looking for something that might be a better fit.

      1. I have the Sony SA VA 35 cable with 1 end intact, and the other end is simply the bare cable. Perhaps you can fix this cable with a new end.

        If it is of any help to you when the connector end is completed let me know and I can send it to you for the repair.


        Glynn Maddie

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