A little about me. I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade and love to tinker with everything. I have built projects from solar lights to a trebuchet. So when a neighbor of mine gave me a set of SAVA 27 to tinker with because they were not working right my first thought was that we have some definite potential here.

Then I realized the critical flaw that Sony had designed into these systems. That all elusive, discontinued, give your eye teeth to have connection cable was missing. After many phone calls and searches on eBay and every other auction site for one I decided to ask for help. To which there was no reply, but I did notice that on the forums my post regarding these cables were receiving a large number of hits.

I realized then that I was not the only one looking for these cables so I stealthily approached my system with screwdriver in hand. God forbid if it got down wind of what was coming, four hours and thirty schematics later the patient was still alive and now possessing surround sound.