Aiwa MX-D9 MX-D909

Now that the new blog is up, time to get back to work on cables.

Back with four more cables for the Aiwa MX-D9 and MX-D909 systems.  This will allow the Amp to be connected to the  Fx-W808 Cassette, FX-W909 Cassette, TX-D9F Tuner, TX-D9L Tuner, GE-D9 Equalizer, DX-D9 CD Player, and DX-M909 Cd Player.



Aiwa MX-D9 Stereo System
Aiwa MX-D9 Stereo System


Wow it has taken me 5 months to come back and update this post.  Here they are

Aiwa Amp to Cassette
Amp to Cassette


Awia Amp to Tuner
Amp To Tuner


Awia Amp to EQ
Amp to EQ


As always they can be purchased at

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