I decided to make this page after being contacted with multiple request for different parts of SAVA units.

Currently all I have available are the speaker connection cables.

So anyone looking to get rid of SAVA stuff just post a comment on this page with what you have or what you are looking for.

I am not involved with an transaction that occus on this page it is between you and the buyer/seller.

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  1. I may be interested; I already have the SAVA-500 Unit, but the Rear Amplifier Channels have gone out. What are you looking to get for the Unit and where you located?

  2. I have a pair of Sony Sava 27 speakers missing the cable. Will sell both speakers for $50. I’m in Southern California in Riverside County. Email me by clicking the “Reply” ling if interested.

  3. I have a perfect pair of SAVA -35 Home Theatre speakers with perfectly working surround speakers. Hardly used.
    403.837.2851, Alberta, Canada

  4. SAVA-500 unit for sale grey with remote control and all cables. All works well. One small chip on center channel speaker in corner but can’t tell when set up. Hit me up!

  5. bonsoir je vends une paire d’enceinte surround sony sava 27 avec tous les files d’origine sans telecommande faire offre

    Good evening I sell a pair of surround speaker sony sava 27 with all original files without remote make offer


  6. i am looking for a sava d900 remote control or a universal remote control that i can program to operate my tuner. any ideas? thanks

  7. Hello I am lookin for one Sony Sava 500 S.A.W. speaker that works and is fully functional..I live In aurora colorado Thamks so much πŸ™‚

  8. I need speaker cables to connect the r ch speaker output to the r ch input speaker, Anyone with this part please reply.

  9. i need the Front L/R speaker connecting cord for a Sony SA-VA15. that is all. name your price.


    1. Are you talking the main connector that powers the tower speakers? If so, I purchased a replacement for mine as I believe it had a short in it, not the same heavy duty cable as before, but it serves the purpose: http://www.tomscables.com, SAVA Connection Cable #179039911. They also have different lengths, depending upon what you’re looking for.

      Sorry if this isn’t what you’re looking for.

  10. Hi,I have a set of sony SA-VA15 speakers with everything except for the remote they are in good condition and I am looking to sell them if you are interested in buying them just send me
    Jesse guel

  11. I have a sava 700 and 900, the 900 needs a remote, the 700 has a short in the amp, hit it and it comes back on. free if you pick up, i will not ship. located in nor-cal

  12. I have a complete SAVA-57 system for sale on eBay. Everything is in excellent condition. I bought it new in 1998. I have the 2 towers, 2 rear speakers, infrared transmitter, remote, manual, front speaker connector wire, and rear speaker wire. Little use in a non-smoking home. Thanks.

  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone still had any Sony Sava 500 speakers for sale. One of my main speakers is not functioning properly. Thanks.

    1. Hello Richard

      Not sure if you saw my original post; I ordered mine from http://www.tomscables.com, you should be able to search on Sony SAVA power connector cable. From what I remember the 10ft was about $30 with shipping and they had longer lengths if need be.

      If you can’t find it let me know and I will try to dig it up.

  14. Where can I find a remote for my SAVA D900?…..how much would it cost?

    I also need the rear wireless speaker…..where/how much?

    I have 3 rectangular speakers that came with it……are these the original left/right/center speakers?

    1. OK………I confirmed the 3 rectangular speakers are stock……………..I still need the remote and the rear wireless speaker……..please help!!!………………..what is the MSRP of the D900?

  15. For Sale: Complete Sony SAVA-57 surround sound home theatre system. I purchased this system new in 1998 and have used it very little. Excellent condition; everything works like new. (2) Tower speakers, (2) wireless rear speakers, (1) infrared transmitter, remote, front speakers connecting cord, rear speaker wire, and owner’s manual. Best Offer.

  16. For Sale: Sony SAVA-57 surround sound home theater system. I purchased this system new in 1998 for nearly $900 and have used it very little. Excellent condition; everything works like new. Smoke-free, child-free home. Included are (2) Tower speakers, (2) wireless rear speakers, (1) infrared transmitter, remote control, front speakers connecting cord, rear speaker wire, and owner’s manual. First $200 takes it all. Northern IL/Southern WI area. Contact me at mz926mb@hotmail.com.

  17. I’m looking for the legs to the sony sava 7 set! I got them from a ebay selling but one was without the legs so i need another par.

    If you’ve got an old set of 7’s that don’t work or something I’d like the legs to buy thank you!

  18. Hello, I’m looking to buy the tower receiver or whole package Sony Model SAVA29 receiver, anyone who has one and is interested in selling I’m interested in talking a deal e-mail is imus26@aol.com please title the subject Sony Receiver

  19. i have a set of sava 57’s fronts only. the power unit keeps going into
    “protect mode” . does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? when they wer working they were awesome. would like to fix em. anything will help. thanx all

    1. Where are you? I have a pair of Sava 57s. I think they work. You’re welcome to them to scavenge them or see if they can replace yours, but I’m in Southern California. They’re very dusty as they were stored uncovered since 2003.

  20. I am looking for a RM-J55 remote for my SA-VA55. Alternatively, would purchase another model that has the same codes for operating Bass, Treble & SW levels.



    1. Your message is old but was wondering if you were still looking for Sony VA-55 speakers? I have a pair that I want to get rid of – am in Florida, Tampa.

  21. Hi I am looking for the sony sava 500 model ok if it’s used just as long as it works the complete set it’s an old system so please be reasonable on your price I’m located in North Jersey I will provide shipping cost.Thanks

  22. I have a Sony wireless transmitter EMT 70 that works with most Sony SA-VA Stereo Systems. This is an EXTREMELY rare component that I am willing to sell for the right price πŸ™‚

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your answer.

      Well, that’s great… Now tell me what’s the right price ???

      Thanks again,


      1. The item is currently listed on eBay with a starting bid of $25. You can most probably win the auction for not too much more than that πŸ™‚

    1. Can you please to take a picture of the connector, to see if is the same or at least look like the one I need?


      1. There is several pictures of the unit on eBay πŸ™‚ Just go to eBay, search for ” wireless transmitter SAVA”. The auction is set to end in 44 hours.

  23. I have Sony VA-55 transmitter, am moving in a week give me an offer willing to hear ideas. First come first serve. I don’t have rear speakers anymore so not condusive to my selling them this week. Any takers, e-mail Shadowlemere@hotmail.com. might be able to part with rear cable that goes from speaker to speaker as well & the remote.

  24. Hi. Thanks for your reply.

    I don’t want to offend you, because I don’t have any idea of how much it cost, so please tell me how much you want and we can make a deal.

    Thanks again,

  25. Herman,

    I am moving in 2 weeks so if you are interested I would like to get this taken care of asap, you will need to call me so we can discuss payment if you are interested in purchasing the transmitter. There is a spot on the cord with scotch tape on it from a cat bite I think but it still works, I just did that as a precautionary measure. I looked on E-Bay and there is one available in California for $40 plus $35 for shipping so – since this is an as is thing I thought $25 plus shipping would be fine with me if that works for you. There are no other transmitters for sale or in stock anywhere on the web that I can locate to guess a better estimate so I figure since it’s hard to find that must be why the E-Bay person is listing it for so much.

    Call my cell if you want to talk shop. I am in Florida and the cell # is 941-447-1907. Thanks.

  26. Hi Shadow:

    I hope you still have the wireless transmitter for sale. I’ve been trying to reach you but always have the voice mail.

    Anyway, I’ll still looking for you.

    Thanks for your time,

  27. Have a complete Sony SAVA-57 surround sound system for possible sale or trade.
    Dark Grey / Black
    Like new condition all cords and cables,
    Left & Right Front tower speakers
    Left & Right rear wireless speakers
    Transmitter for wireless rear speakers
    & an Amazing Center channel speaker…
    Currently Hooked up in my family room & sounds absolutely amazing and the fact that you don’t have to have an external standalone Stereo receiver to have amazing surround sound is priceless…
    Literally plug and play, direct connect to Tv/Flatscreen, smart phone, computer, tablet or regular receiver…
    Orlando / Apopka FL, local pickup only…
    Thanks Bill G

  28. Anyone have a SAVA 700 right speaker connection cable (white plug). If so please contact me. Im interested in buying. I am located in Queens, NY USA

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