SA-VA 10 and 15 Owners GOOD NEWS!

Wow, its been a while since I have updated this blog but I am bringing good news today.

Long story short I have found a connector that will work for the SA-VA 10 and 15 units.

It’s not a direct plug and play like the rest of my cables, you will have to remove the old connector on the LH side

and solder the new connector in place.  The RH side did yield itself to be a little more user-friendly and is a plug-in connection to the internal speaker connectors.

I have a SA-VA 15 unit in-house to develop this kit on, so its ready to go. But Sony changed the wiring and connectors on the SA-VA 10 units, and this has provided me with a little snag.  Therefore, if you own a SA-VA 10 unit and have a screwdriver and a digital camera please contact me.

12 thoughts on “SA-VA 10 and 15 Owners GOOD NEWS!”

  1. That’s great. I was going to hardwire it (wire to wire) as it’s simple enough and shouldn’t take long. But then I decided I wanted left and right sound. I was just about to start hacking into my 15s board to figure what’s what. Guess I’ll wait now!! THANKS!!

  2. I have the Sony sava100r- I bought this recently and the guy failed to mention that there’s no cable control from the right to left speaker. I have searched every where for this and no luck. I stumbled across your site. Is there another cable that can be used? I found a Phillips mcd759d control cable that looks similar but do not know if it is a 15 pin connection. My understanding is this unit will not work properly without that component. Thanks for your time.


  3. Please i am looking for a sony sa-va 10 surround sound system, if anyone has one to sell can you please let me know

    thank you

  4. I also need the flat ribbon wire for my Sony SA-VA15 system. If you get the connectors to build one or develop a alternate way to wire the system I would greatly appreciate a reply.
    Thanks, Chuck

  5. I have a sa-va10 unit and would be willing to try just about anything to get a working connection between the two. If this blog is still active please let me know of any leads you might have. I’ll be your guinea pig if needed.

  6. Thx for all the infos around the SAVAS-connectors! I want to replace the stock ribbon-cable of my SAVA 15 for a longer version … I want to put the speakers in greater distance. What do I have to do, to buy/order an 7m ribbon-cable here?

    Greetings from Berlin/Germany

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