SA-VA 10 SA-VA 15 SA-VA 35 SA-VA 100 Cables

I am still working to try and identify a replacement for these connectors. Apparently, the company has discontinued the connector and I cannot get any specification on it to cross reference it.

Don’t worry I have a plan B, it just needs a little refining.

How many people are interested in a cable for one of these units?

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      1. I lost my 13 pin ribbon cable for my Sony SA-VA15 speakers. Please email me if you have 1 available for sale, or if you know where I may find one. Thanks.

    1. Hello all,

      I have been in contact with the connector manufacturer. These connectors have never been sold outside of Japan before.
      Therefore, it may be a little tricky to get them. I’ll keep you posted.



  1. i lost my remote for SA-VA35 Sony System…The remote is RM-J35. Can you get me one even if its second hand…or advice where i can get one. i will appreciate your assistance. thank you

  2. I would like one of these cables. I’m wondering how long you can go with them as well. Alternatively, I wouldn’t mind just using 2 Cat5 cables directly wired to the conector… are you willing to share which pins connect?

  3. I ended up making my own cable. Its not pretty, but it works.
    I looked at the circuit boards on both ends of the connectors and found that the 13th pin is not needed and that the other 12 pins are really just 6 pairs arranged like this \\\’
    where each is a + or – so that it goes: +-+-+-
    I had to modify some crimp on spades to make it work, but I’ve been enjoying it for a while now.
    Tom, the site owner is working on a way to make this a little more modular and easy to do.

    1. Alex I’m interested in trying to construct the cord to connect my sa-va35 towers I’m wondering what did you use as a base cord.

    2. I know this an old thread, but it is still a realistic problem for a great set of speakers. So I have soldered new cables across between the speakers. I am not sure of the polarity of the terminals. It does not appear to be straight through cable or standard reverse cable. Does anyone know the connection arrangements? Much appreciated. Brindle

      1. What about for girls who do not know how to do this type of things? I bought these speakers at a local Goodwill and they seem to be in PERFECT condition. The right speaker works perfectly, however, I can’t seem to find the cable online or sold by Sony anywhere. I ordered through the manufacturer and of course they sent me the wrong cable. Can anyone help?

  4. Hi I have a sa-va15 speaker system and lost both cables the 13 pin flat ribbon and the 4 pin if @ possible u have one I need them.
    Thank u

  5. Hi I have a SA-VA15 speaker system and I don’t have the 13 pin connector cable. If you have a remedy or solution to fix this, let me know!
    I am willing to pay for a cable if you have one for sale.

    Thank you

  6. Wow. I see a lot of people are looking for these. I picked up the SA-VA15s at a flea market for $40. No cable of course. Guy said I could get it from Radio Shack, which I knew was a lie just how the connections looke, I just didn’t think it would be this hard to find one. I’m trying to decide the best route to go to make my own. If I come up with something, I’ll definitely let you guys know.

    1. Blade,
      I made mine from Cat5 cable I had laying around and put electrical spade connectors on the ends and plugged into each end. I took mine apart to see how the circuitry was laid out and found that the 13 pin connector was actually just 6 wires duplicated. Its pretty easy once you figure out which pair of wires go to which subspeaker..

      1. Yeah I saw that. I was thinking the same thing before I found this site. I’m a little electronically saavy so I was looking at modifying it a little. I’m still doing some research. Hopefully the development will come soon.

        1. see my comment from Feb 3…
          I might end up modifying mine to be more plug friendly in the near future. I’ll take pics when I do. Shoot me an email @ alex@alexsoduk dot com and I’ll shoot some pics of my setup to you.

        1. Well I already have my cable, one of the end connectors are missing two pins in it!! Where can I get the pins at least???

          1. The pins are molded into the connector, and I don’t think they are replaceable. If you remove the little piece on the back you can see how the wires are pushed into the pins. This would be an very easy fix, if I could get the connectors, but the company that made them has been very difficult to deal with and has informed me that the tooling for the connectors has been destroyed.

          2. Wow! Well if I could get a hold to a connector for the end thats broken I’m good! Does anyone have this cable that they can’t utilize either that’s willing to give me one of their end pieces? I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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  8. I took my SA-VA10 speakers to a SONY repair center on november 2011 and guess what ? They claim there are no parts for it ;then to make things worst asI requested my speakers back they could not find the connecting ribbon cable that I gave them along with the speakers in order for them to test the speakers and repair them. Been looking here and there for the ribbon cable but to no avail. Can someone help me ?

      1. i too am looking for this cable, is anyone able to make them? i know the one guy is having problems getting the connection parts.

        Please keep up the good work

    1. I’m working on building a retrofit kit. The cable has been discontinued along with the connectors. Right now I’m waiting for a quote on getting the cables built.

  9. Hello, I am in need of a 13 pin ribbon cable for my SA-VA15. I would like to purchase one if you have one for sale or if you could find me one that would be great. Please email me.

  10. I have the SA-VA15, my brother gave it to me when he upgraded to some modern system. I have the ribbon cable and its works, most of the time. However, on a occasion the sound from the right speaker will just cut out. I find myself fidgeting with the ribbon cable and increasing the volume. Usually that will help but I know its time to get a new cable. That is how I stumbled upon your page. If you have a replacement I’ll purchase one!

  11. I still want to buy one of your cable solutions. It does not have to be pretty, just as long as it connects both speakers.

  12. Man I see all the postings here and look closely to the date it was written ; When will you come up with a solution and an address where to purchase or order them . Till now I think my SA VA 10 equipment is no good do to humidity and insects or termites .

    1. I know this has taken a while, but I’m still working on it. I’m a one man show, with a wife, two kids, full time job, home construction going on, not to mention keeping up with inventory on the existing cable lines and filling orders. I’m hoping to have the SAVA10/15 retrofit kit finished by the end of the year.

  13. I have a working cable for the VA15, but I’m hoping to get a longer one for a big room. If/when the retrofit is ready, I wonder if I could make a 20ft or longer one…?

  14. I would think that you would not need any cable longer than 20 feet.
    As for My self I am looking for SA-VA 35 connectors. One End of my Cable is broken. Of course a cable without a connector is useless.

    I certainly would like to have the cable and/or connector as my unit is still in excellent condition. I saw the prototype of the connector made from 3d printer which looks promising. Hopefully we won’t have months to wait.


    Glynn Maddie

    1. I’d like a cable longer than 20ft for a large room where I’m moving the speakers. Why would you say I don’t need that?

      1. These units were initially designed to stand aside your entertainment center. with the speakers facing you. You have always had the capability of adding additional speakers as with the SA-VA 35. Of course each situation is dependent upon your needs and setup. If you need a cable longer than 20 feet, go for it.

        Glynn Maddie

    1. I am also interested in the SA -VA 35 cable, and it looked like using a 3d printer was the way to go. Now lots of time has passed, and I guess all you folks are wondering if we will ever see a replacement cable. I know it takes a bit of time,; however lots of time has passed. I hope one day we can see the cables,

      Glynn Maddie

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