SAVA 10 and 15 Owners

Hey Guys,

Just making a quick post here to ask your opinion on something.

The SAVA 10 and 15 systems  have a small circuit board in the RH speaker.


Now developing the retrofit kits for these systems I can build it two ways.

So I figured I would ask you guys how you would want them built.

Option A: Is to provide two plugs that will hook to the existing speaker wires in the RH speaker.  Therefore making the little circuit board pictured above obsolete.
                   (Note SAVA 10 owners will have to replace the 2 pin connector also on their systems because of the style of connector that sony used. Basically its soldered to the board, so you can’t unplug it. This will require crimping a new connector in to place, or I can make up a pig tail. )image (2)
Option B:  Is to unsolder the the large black connector on the small circuit board shown above and I will provide you with a new one in the kit to fit the new cable.
                   I will be able to build this cable cheaper than Option A just because its less parts and less labor. 

As I mentioned in the comments below, both solutions will require soldering, because you have to replace the factory connector on the amp in the LH speaker. (unless some one has an injection molding machine) A new replacement connector for the LH side will be included in the kit, along with a manual that shows how to install this kit into your stereo.


Thoughts, Questions, Concerns Post them in the Comments below.



7 thoughts on “SAVA 10 and 15 Owners”

  1. I’m glad that someone is still moving on doing something for owners of these speakers. I was heavily working on something a couple years back but lost interest. I may look at getting back on it. Soldering takes skill. I have sausages for fingers and the dexterity of a hoofless yak. So these options won’t work for me. But I’m sure for others, Option B would likely be the best.

    1. No you would still have stereo. Basically what you have to do is get the sound to the Rh speaker from the amp in the LH Speaker. This is what the ribbon cable does. There are 3 speakers in the RH Channel so 6 wires. You will have one plug with 2 wires and another with 4 wires to feed the tweeter, center, and sub.

      1. Yes, there should be 6 wires to the LH speakers as there are 3 speakers in the system.

        Thus, a simple 2 wire setup is incorrect.


  2. It sounds like option A is more work for you to make but less work for me to install. I don’t have a soldering iron, so option B would be hard for me to implement to put the new connector on the board. So I wouldn’t mind paying some more for an easier to implement solution on my end.

    1. I’ll add this to the description above, but I’ll cover it again here. Either solution A or B will require soldering, to replace the connector on the amp in the LH speaker. So option A only requires you to solder on the amp(LH speaker) and option B requires you to solder on both speakers.

  3. I have a SAVA-15 and can’t wait until you get the new connector up and running . Please notify ASAP and thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this project it is truly appreciated by all.

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