Sony #179039911 Speaker Cable

For those who have a SAVA 500 or SAVA 700 have you been looking for the RH connection cable part number #179039911 don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you, unlike someone who discontinued the RH connection cable for these systems.

I will start making these four (4) pin connector cables in the early part of NOV.

If you have a SAVA D900 I have something in the works for you also.  In case you need it the part number for your connection cable is #179276211

2 thoughts on “Sony #179039911 Speaker Cable”

  1. I was inquiring to see if you could possibly make the speaker cables for model #SAVA3…? I am willing to purchase them if you can / do have them. Please let me know as to what you can do to help me.

    Thank you,
    John Lanoie
    Feel free to contact with any information you might possibly have.

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