Sony 179039911 for SAVA 500 and SAVA 700 now shipping!!!

For those owners of SAVA 500 and 700 systems your wait is over.

1590480111 complete

Sony #179039911sava-500-005web1

I have started building and shipping cables that will fit your stereo.

They will be 10ft long but I can custom build any length.

You can buy them here

5 thoughts on “Sony 179039911 for SAVA 500 and SAVA 700 now shipping!!!”

  1. Thanks Thomas!

    The cable you made for me works great! It simply revitalized my SAVA. I was finally able to get full 5.1 sound thanks to you :).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. i have a new Samsung t v how does it attach to new t v I know sa va cable attach to the sony surround sound but plugs in back of t v are diffent

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